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Eyasi Foundation Trust Limited

Eyasi Foundation Trust Ltd (EFTL) is a non-profit organisation registered in Tanzania. The purpose of the foundation is to support the local community and protect the natural resources on the north-eastern shore of Lake Eyasi in northern Tanzania.

Two Tanzanian companies, Kisima Ngeda Ltd and Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp, set up the Foundation in 2007 in order to formalise the support measures already in place for the village and the inhabitants of the region. The project is financed through donations.

The primary objectives of the foundation are:

·         Promoting education:
               school sponsorships for disadvantaged children with potential
               support of educational infrastructure

·         Conservation of natural resources:
               introducing renewable and environmentally friendly use of energy
               introducing environmentally friendly building techniques
               reforestation with native trees
               sustainable management of existing forests
               acquisition of marginal land in order to protect and, where necessary, reafforest

·         Water conservation and supply:
               reforestation to protect the many small freshwater sources
               relocating the water supply from the source to the village

·         Supporting the Hadzabe hunter-gatherers:
               preservation of their culture and their habitat
               development of sustainable tourism

The foundation is run by Ernst Schauerte and  Evelin Arnold-Schauerte, both of whom have a wealth of developmental and educational experience with several extended stays in various countries overseas. They have a special bond to Tanzania and her people. Both are working on a voluntary basis for the foundation in Tanzania.

The foundation aims to find locally practical and realistic solutions to the many challenges the community is faced with, always working closely together with all the people concerned.

The foundation endeavours to reduce administrative and other costs to a minimum so that the highest possible amount of donations can be used for what it is intended:

To give the people a perspective and maintain their environment.

EFTL works in close association with the in Germany registered organisation

Payback to Nature (www.paybacktonature.de).



Existing projects:

1 Euro per day - School Scholarships

Since independence the education system has been greatly improved. In a relatively short period of time, the country has achieved one of the highest literacy levels in Africa. Nationally, primary school attendance to seventh grade is compulsory and this is largely adhered to.

Whilst primary school education is free in Tanzania, going on to secondary school presents an insurmountable financial hurdle for many families. Therefore, the Eyasi Foundation Trust awards school scholarships for secondary schooling.

A scholarship is always awarded for the entire length of stay at a secondary school. The selection of scholarship recipients is through the collaboration of local educators together with the Eyasi Foundation Trust, who also administers the allocated funds. Hadzabe children as well as girls are particularly encouraged. Currently more than ten students are supported by the trust.

1 Euro for 5 square metres of nature

With just one Euro, five square metres of land can be purchased in Tanzania to convert degraded land into conservation areas. The project area is situated on the shores of Lake Eyasi. Mixed woodlands of acacias and ilala palm trees form the natural vegetation of the lake shore which more than 200 species of birds, reptiles, smaller as well as some larger mammals and a large number of insects call home.

The region experiences relatively low rainfall. Through overgrazing, intensive farming and firewood collection large areas were stripped of their natural vegetation, resulting in long-term land degradation. In this regard, the foundation aims to acquire land which will be rehabilitated through targeted reforestation. The original habitat will thus be restored.

Already four hectares of land were able to be purchased from foundation funds. As soon as further donations make it possible, a larger area will be added. In cooperation with a young Tanzanian co-worker of the Eyasi Foundation Trust (who has already established a small nursery with native plants) and an adjoining school, the degraded land will be rehabilitated and threatened species reintroduced and thus, through participation, environmental awareness will be taught to the students.

Protecting the water sources

Replanting of native trees to prevent erosion and provide shade for the natural springs. The first big step, the construction of a water pipe line from the freshwater spring to the nearest village, has already been taken. It has solar powered pumps at the source and a hand pump in the village. The first bucket of water was pumped in September 2009.

The brick press

In September 2009, the newest of our projects was started: a brick press. Traditionally, houses in this region are constructed with rough timber frames which are then plastered with mud. Since the soil of the Lake Eyasi region doesn´t contain any clay, the plaster disintegrates very quickly, leaving the houses dilapidated and ugly after a relatively short time. With a suitable press durable house bricks can be produced at low cost. The bricks are pressed from local ´bad´ soil mixed with a small amount of cement as well as some organic matrial such as saw dust. The bricks have tongue and groove and fit together without mortar, similar to Lego. We hope we´ll soon be able to buy a second press and employ two more people to operate it.

What else? Upcoming projects:

- Simple, more effective stoves to reduce the amount of wood needed for cooking. Until now, cooking is done on three stones whereby most of the heat is lost. Construction of the stoves is to be taught in courses.

- Protection of food crops of the Hadzabe: cattle farmers to be motivated via education to protect the food crops of the Hadzabe.


Eyasi Foundation Trust Limited

P.O.Box 100 – Karatu – Tanzania


Would you like to support our work with a donation? Please make your payment  into the following account:

To:                              Pay Back to Nature Association

Reference:                 Eyasi

Institution:                   Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG

Bank/Branch No:       52060410

Account No:               802280

IBAN:                          DE33520604100000802280

BIC:                            GENODEF1EK1

We will be happy to issue a receipt. Please send us your contact details together with the amount of your donation to one of the following:

Our contact in Germany:

Conrad Gutekunst
Immenburgstr. 20
53121 Bonn

Ph 0049 228 963 97 500

Email: info@fairtrade-media.de







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